“You’ll be fine”

Scared. Worried.
But hopeful.
She’s taking slow, necessary steps.
Where will she be, tomorrow? Next week? Next year?
Success. . .
A continuous phenomenon
That she constantly is trying to attain.
Every moment.
With every breath.

Easy? Dont make me laugh. . .
She moves one step forward. . .
but feels like she’s taken ten steps back.
Fail. Failing. Failure.
She’s become accustomed to it.
Convinced by it.
Friends with it 

Where are you? She. She doesn’t understand.
She doesn’t see. She needs to see. . .
You. . .
Why does she fail?
She’s scared to ask.
School, what is it for. Why stay when there’s nothing to learn. To enjoy. To see. Without you.

Give. Her. Peace.
She needs peace
Because she cant see.
She can only believe.
Believe that you have her back despite the convincing traits of her friend “failure”.

Faith cancels failure. Replaces failure.
Faith. She has faith.
Strong faith? No.
But faith none the less.
Gaining with each prayer.
Each thought of you. . .


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